LRM HR Consultancy works with SMEs at all stages of the business life cycle, providing practical and general HR advice and guidance.

In-house HR: the challenges

Many small and medium-sized businesses are too small to warrant a dedicated in-house HR department, which leads to a number of challenges.

HR duties are handled by staff who may not have the necessary training or experience, nor the time to keep abreast of legal requirements.

Without the breadth of experience of a dedicated HR team, issues take longer to resolve and may not be dealt with effectively.

HR issues are tackled reactively when problems arise, instead of time being taken to devise pre-emptive strategies and policies to reduce legal risk, manage employee engagement and facilitate business growth.

Lack of clarity and poor communication regarding responsibilities, policies and procedures lead to dissatisfied personnel, lack of motivation, low productivity and unnecessary staff turnover.

Outsourced HR: the benefits

By out-sourcing your HR needs, you can have your own expert on-hand as and when you need them without the constant overhead of a dedicated HR team.

Save time involved in dealing with complex HR issues, allowing your managers to focus on the business priorities.

Reduce impact of negative employee relations issues such as disciplinaries, grievances, performance management and sickness absence.

Minimise the risk of failing to meet legal requirements and reduce risks associated with employment tribunal claims.

Improve communication with and between staff by defining clear procedures, processes and policies.

Feel confident that your staff handbook, people policies and processes are all legally compliant.

Save money by recruiting the right people, keeping them motivated, and improving staff retention.

Different business sectors, different organisational structures and team sizes, different stages in the business life cycle… many factors affect a company’s HR needs.

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